Among other things, I am also a data science instructor. You can check my courses below. I am also accepting private enquiries for instructing data science from either individuals or companies.

Experfy: I offer two courses on Experfy. The first one is Data Science for Sports Injuries Using R, Python, and Weka. This is a crash course in data science, teaching you three different tools, plus the theoretical fundamentals. It takes through through the use case of sports injury prediction. This course should be beneficial for beginners and junior data scientists, but also for anyone interested in applications of data science to sports. As this was the topic of my PhD, I happen to be one of the experts in this area.

The other course is Predicting Sports Outcomes Using Python and Machine Learning. It teaches you how to use Python and machine learning for predicting sports outcomes for profit from the ground up. You learn how to build a web crawler to extract data from a webpage, how to consolidate different data sources and how machine learning can be used for prediction of sports outcomes. This should be useful for anyone interested in learning about sports betting for either profit or to get a job in the area. It’s also good for beginner and intermediate data scientists that just want to improve their skills. If you are interested in this topic, you can also check out my articles about the subject: “Which sports can be predicted?” Part 1 and Part 2.

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Springboard: Spring offers a fast-track course for data science. I am mentoring on their platform. Springboard comes with a job guarantee, where they give you your money back if you can’t find a job within 6 months. Use my link for a referral code and a discount!

Cyprus International Institute of Management: I am teaching Statistics and Social Media Analysis in the MSc Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Innopolis University: I am teaching a course in Applied Data Science.