I recently uploaded my thesis on arXiv. My thesis was a collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur FC and dealt with the problem of predicting injuries in football.

Sports analytics is a relatively new field and there are very few people who are researching the area of injury prediction. My thesis makes three main contributions to this field:

  1. It provides a way to predict the recovery time after an injury has taken place.
  2. It studies the problem of predicting the first injury of the season for a player, based on exposure records.
  3. It provides a way to predict injuries based on GPS measurements gathered during training sessions.

I believe my thesis will be of great interest both to sports scientists and data scientists who want to read more about sports analytics. Some of the lessons learned are valuable for other sports as well and some of the models used could be copied over to different instances in a pretty straightforward manner.

For those of you who are interested to study more about the subject I have also released a video training series with Experfy. If you get in touch I can provide you with a discount coupon. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments.