I’ve been involved in more projects than I can count, both in academia and in the industry. Some notable examples include:

  • Did my PhD at University College London in collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur FC in predicting football injuries.
  • Graduated from the MSc Informatics in the University of Edinburgh, with distinction and a prize for best dissertation. The topic of my research was in neural networks.
  • I am a member of the Royal Statistical Society.
  • Honorary research fellow at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies.
  • I have various degrees including a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Economics.
  • I have designed an implemented recommender systems for various startups.
  • I have done work in Natural Language Processing in things such as topic modelling and text summarisation.
  • Done lots of work on automated data analysis for which I also have my own product called ADAN.
  • Various other topics, such as cybersecurity, demand forecasting, customer segmentation.

You can check my CV at LinkedIn and you can also see some examples of my work on GitHub at https://github.com/stylianos-kampakis.